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Responsive designs or compatible web designs means crafting website for optimal viewing and enhancing visitor interaction. A responsive design consists of resizable navigation, planning and easy scrolling from desktop monitors to small mobile devices.

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A website is called responsive when it has fluid proportional grids, CSS3 media queries and flexible images. Let’s know these features little more:

  • The fluid grid means page elements should be sized in percentage to adapt any browser window.
  • Media queries use different CSS rules to allow the page to display properly according to the browser width.
  • Flexible images sized through CSS to fit in their containing element on any browser.

The internet is growing like crazy. As for mobile internet usage is also grown with huge explode.

It is really hard to find someone who doesn’t have a mobile device with internet connected. This growth in mobile internet usage has led to build websites compatible for these devices, called responsive web designs (RWD).

RWD has three main components – flexible layouts, media queries and flexible media. The main concept is to fit your website to any width including all the content and media.

Unfortunately most of the websites are not optimized for small devices. Screen sizes are also changing so your website must be adaptable to any device size. For this, flexible layouts play an important role. We produce website designs with fluid layouts, ready to adapt any size. With HTML5 and CSS3 as code base we use media queries to make our designs flexible. These queries are used for scaling your website for different view ports. The graphics media used also need to be responsive. Therefore fluid layouts are applied to scale both content and media.

The layout changes based on the following guidelines:

  • Set viewport
  • Size content to the viewport
  • Use CSS media queries for responsiveness
  • Choose breakpoints

Responsive web designs are categorized into one of the five patterns – fluid, column drop, layout shifter, tiny tweaks and off canvas. Sometimes a combination of two patterns is also used. These patterns are actually the first step in building responsive designs.

Why use our responsive designs?

We are producing pixel perfect website designs with responsive layouts. Here are some reasons why you should buy our designs:

  • Scalability – With percentages used for layouts your columns will fit to any size. The margins used also create perfect spacing because of percentages set.
  • Unlimited Columns – Rather than having a fixed number of columns for your website, you can have any number of flexible columns.
  • Suitable Grids – Make your grids suitable to fit the content. Don’t worry about how to adjust your content and media.
  • Simple Breakpoints – There are many media queries already available. Although you can create your own.

The name – Web Design is now changed to Responsive Web Design. Both are same these days because everyone is creating responsive websites. The things need to consider for a great design are: time, browsers, content, performance, web applications and design process. The website designs we are providing are feature rich in all aspects of a great flexible design.

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