Flexible Designs for Your Website

Flexible designs are those which split the web page into percentages of the browser window’s size. A flexible website design should flexes and looks good on all devices as specified in media query. This will enable your design to auto scale on different viewports. The whole purpose of liquid width layouts is to use the provided space by browser or screen resolution in a very efficient way.

Flexible Designs

For converting fixed width pixels into percentages a simple formula provided so for is:

target / context = result

This formula becomes friendlier when you start creating responsive designs.

Why Flexible Designs are Becoming Important in Mobile Web

As we all know mobile web is becoming more important, the screen resolutions are increasing while the prices for high-resolution displays are decreasing. For the last 10 years the gap between low and high resolutions still hasn’t bridged. Every user has its own preference while websites are more often viewed on all possible resolutions. Consequently this consideration explains how flexible designs are important today. We at Custom Web Designing are taking care of this approach and are providing you some of our best designed flexible designs for your business.

Professional looking flexible web designs

Professional web designers created flexible web designs to improve their CSS skills and provide you the design layouts that are more adaptable to the user experience of the web. If you are willing to create your website responsive, flexible web design plays an important role and teaches you several fluid layout techniques. There is a variety of approaches to make your images fit within any fluid containers. Using cross-browser compatible HTML5 and CSS3 in flexible web layouts provides:

  • Benefits of flexible layouts
  • Choose between liquid, elastic , or hybrid design
  • Design and slice graphic images to achieve flexibility
  • Built liquid and elastic layouts
  • Flexible background images and scalable content

As more and more people are using small mobile phones and other devices for surfing, your website needs to be scalable in all modern devices. It really makes visitors annoying when visiting a fixed width website on smaller devices. Your website depends on number of factors including:

  • Operating system
  • Screen resolution
  • Web browser
  • Monitor size & graphics card
  • Default font size
  • Available fonts
  • User selected style sheet

Benefits of flexible web design

The real benefit of using a liquid design is your web page resizes according to the percentages set and your browser window size. This approach eliminates the horizontal scrolling if the content width is less than the browser width. We at Custom Web Designs are working continuously to deliver you the designs with higher quality and perfect scalability.

The question is why choosing our templates or themes? Cutting-edge technologies, easy customization and flexibility are the main reasons we stand above the rest. Your website really needs an awesome website design with all the modern features and flexible options. For this we are providing you top website designs which will apply divine proportion to your website.

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